Did you know some types of orchids take a rest by shedding all their leaves?

Resting leafless

  • This usually happens after the orchid has bloomed and the last of the blooms have faded. It will shed all its leaves to take a rest.
  • The length of rest depends on a few things; humidity level, the temperature and light are a few examples. 
  • But this doesn't mean the orchid died, in fact the orchid is storing energy for its next growth/bloom cycle!  

New growth

  • When its ready, it will start a new growth (which will become its next pseudo-bulb).
  • When you see this new growth, its the prefect time to repot (if needed).
  • Because there is new growth starting, you don't need to worry as much about the older roots. In fact, I usually cut off the old dead/dying roots at this time. .

Root cut

Here is a clean shot of what I removed:

  • Make sure to remove all old media. The orchid is probably in need of a fresh start at this point.
  • Old media (Sphagnum moss in this case) probably has a musty smell and doesn't fluff up like it used to.
  • Plant the trimmed orchid into a pot with drainage holes. Clear plastic pots let you monitor root growth.

In the pot

  • Get ready to enjoy the next bloom cycle!